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Physicians Health and Injury Center has expanded its wellness services and is now

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Weight Loss Solutions

The Last Weight Loss Program You'll Ever Need

The TLS Weight Loss Solution Program at Physicians Health and Injury Center is an 8-week program taught by a Certified Coach. It is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle system desgined to help you lose weight - and then keep it off for life!

From day one you have resources and support not normally given as a part of other programs. The TLS Weight Loss Solution Program includes a full body approach to healthyliving using Glycemic Index Food Guide.

You will learn:

  • Low-glycemic eating
  • Behavior modification
  • Body composition
  • Stress reduction
  • Exercise recommendations

TLS Weight Loss Solution® is a complete weight management system that encompasses low-glycemic eating, maintaining optimal body composition (muscle vs. fat) and behavior modification that helps to create healthy life-long habits. TLS Weight Loss Solution Classes offer support for individuals of all ages.

Classes offer education on how to prepare low-glycemic impact meals based on good carbohydrates, proteins, and favorable fats. By achieving this balance, the body is able to maintain a hormonal balance promoting stable blood sugar levels, increased energy and weight loss. Unlike traditional diets, which restrict the intake of many types of food, the TLS System allows you to eat your favorite foods.

Physicians Health and Injury Center provides weekly one hour classes taught by a Certified TLS Weight Loss Solution Coach. The program provides participants with a TLS Health Guide and Journal, educational handouts and articles, recipes, shopping lists and exercise recommendations to support their new healthy lifestyle. 


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