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Sleep Problems

Daily stress and worries, pressures from job and family, body aches and pains caused by uncomfortable beds or pillows, and a host of other issues can keep a person from getting enough quality sleep. Sleep is critical to good health and functioning, so lack of it is a serious matter. Through it, our bodies recharge and renew for the next day's challenges.

Our wellness professionals at Physicians Health and Injury Center can provide patients with a different approach to their sleeping problems— without the use   of sleeping pills, which leave many people in a mental haze the next morning.

We recommend to our patients:

  • Exercise regularly. Exercising in the morning is best, but if you must exercise  in the evening, do so at least two or three hours before bedtime. Any later, and your increased heart rate can interfere with your sleep.

    Limit your intake of caffeinated beverages such as coffee, colas and tea—try to avoid them altogether late in the day and near bedtime. In addition, for each cup of caffeinated beverages you drink each day, drink an equal amount of  water.

    If you have trouble sleeping and then get thirsty, drink tap water at room temperature (cold water may disturb the digestive system).

    Eat an early dinner. Eating after 6 p.m. may interfere with sleep as your body works to digest the food you’ve eaten.

    Go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning. The routine will help your body know when it is time to rest.

    Keep your bedroom at a cool, comfortable temperature and try to make it as dark as possible when you’re ready for bed.

Creating a comfortable place to sleep by choosing the correct mattress and pillow is also essential to getting the quality sleep that your body needs to function at its best. 

A mattress should support the body’s weight evenly and allow the spine to stay in its natural alignment. Choosing the right one is a personal matter. After investing in a quality mattress, don't forget to choose an equally supportive pillow. A good pillow will keep the cervical (neck) section of the spine aligned with the thoracic and lumbar (chest and lower back) sections. "[The sections] move together and should be supported together.

If you continue to experience pain and discomfort at night or have difficulty falling asleep, let our team of professionals at Physicians Health and Injury Center who are trained to treat spinal problems that can interfere with a restful night's sleep help. We can also offer nutrition

al and ergonomic advice that can help improve the quality of your sleep.

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