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Physicians Health and Injury Center has expanded its wellness services and is now Advanced Wellness and Injury Center

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What Patients Are Saying

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

"I have gotten off all my thyroid, diabetes, and heart medications!" ~ Jean M.

"I'm 70 years old and I've been diabetic for close to 20 years. I've been on the program for 3 months, with one month to go. Results have been fantastic already. I'm so enthusiastic about the program and hope everybody will understand that it does work.

My A1c has gone from a 7.8 to a 5.9 in 3 months staying on the program, exactly as prescribed. All of my numbers have done way down, cholesterol, triglycerides. I'm close to bring off all meds. I was on 6 pills a day, now I'm down to one. I play tennis 5 days a week. My waist has gone down 6 inches, from a size 18 to a 10. It's just fantastic!" ~ Lorrie D.

"I was taking Metformin 3 times a day, Actos, along with other blood pressure medications...after 4 months on the program I lost 58 lbs. and as I lost weight I lowered my medications...I'm not taking any medication at all! I would recommend this program to anybody...I really feel like this saved my life." ~ Carl V.

Multiple Health Problems Helped Naturally

Dear Doctor,

"My recovery has been so striking that I wanted to write you a letter outlining my improvement. When I first heard you at a health counseling session I was most impressed with your focus on health care without prescribing drugs. Though I felt all of my perceived ailments were the results of my age of 75 years, or pain following surgery I decided to take you up on your offer of initial help without cost.

I will therefore outline specific ailments and the results following your treatment:

  1. Urinary: I hike and swim, each an hour a day, but I could not complete my exercises without urinating either behind a tree or by leaving the pool after 30 minutes. Also I was unwilling to travel very far for fear of not finding sufficient gas stations at which to stop. After your treatment I hike and swim without fear, and in the car I last five hours without a stop and am now planning a vacation in Canada.
  2. Diarrhea: I experienced continuing diarrhea or staining throughout the day. My change of diet corrected this problem.
  3. Back Pain: After back surgery following a ruptured disk I experienced low, but continuing, back pain. After your treatment the pain has gone away.
  4. Poor leg strength: Even after twelve years following a hip replacement my weak leg would not support my standing on one leg. Following my exercises I can now stand without support.
  5. Memory: As I aged, my short-term memory declined, as one would expect. However, with the introduction of fish oil to my diet I have not only experienced greater ease of finding words that escaped me, but also I have been able to work out a software problem I was unable to solve before.
  6. Strength: I gave away my chain saw as it became too heavy to use. I have gotten it back as I now have the strength to use it again.
  7. Libido: With advancing age, weight gain and alcohol consumption my libido has suffered. With loss of weight and reduced alcohol my libido has returned."

Russell Stewart


Dear Dr. Markowitz, Barbara & Staff,

"How do you thank someone who gives you your life back? Two years ago my pain started 15 minutes upon getting up in the morning. My nights were tossing and turning and even lying on my back was very painful. It got to a point where I was pushed around in a wheel chair since I would get stabbing pain. I began to get depressed and almost gave up hope.

Dr. Markowitz, you have allowed me to come here at a reasonable rate, while others turned me away when my insurance gave out. I have received spinal injections, muscular injections, all to no avail. I have worked hard at this. It will be 2 years. I can dance now, walk, and have also learned how to respect my limitations. The entire staff has offered me so much help and education. I was diagnosed by Dr. Markowitz with Fybromyalgia, which at least gave me a reason to hope as to what was wrong. I’m still working on a complete approach to wellness. I didn’t get this way over night, but I’m on my way and I thank all of you for that. Your support got me through the rough times."

Mrs. C

Back, Neck and Arm Pain

To the Wonderful People at Physicians Health and Injury Center,

"Thank you all, so much, for taking such good care of me over these past six months. Not only do I feel so much better, but I also have a better understanding of my body and how I should be taking care of myself."

Ashley Hutchings

"I suffered from lower back and neck pain caused by an old injury, and work related stress and anxiety. Dr. Markowitz uses additional therapeutic approaches that traditional practitioners do not provide...I have much less pain and improved strength and flexibility in my neck and back. The impact of stress on my body is greatly reduced. Symptoms of anxiety have become minimized." ~ Lisa M.


"I was having frequent migraines and was visiting the ER monthly. I also have TMJ. I was being treated by a neurologist and dentist but the medication and treatment were not effective. The theraputic massage of my neck, shoulders and face in Dr. Markowitz' office were very helpful. My TMJ is almost non-existent and my migraines have significantly decreased. Electrical stimulation has also helped a wide range of aches and pains. REgular adjustments allow me to more freely with less stiffness". ~ Donna M.

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